Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Rice Pudding and Birthday

Yesterday, I read two stories in Malayalam - "Neyppayasam" (Rice Pudding) of Madhavikkutty (Kamala Das) and "Janmadhinam" (Birthday) of Basheer. While Madhavikkutty was trying to create a plot for her story in which she cautiously found her way till the end, Basheer, on the other hand, was allowing the reader to fill the gap in his narrative (like he says in the story, during the midnight after his birthday he was scouting for a street light under which he can sit tranquilly and put down all that happened on the day). All that happened was that what was important to him, no matter whether his emotions lack sophistication, whether he stutters, whether there is inadequecy in everything around. Madhavikkutty is perfect at her story, but it is a success because of its methodical approach.

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